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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Custom Kitchen Countertops, St. John's

Royal Wood Design proudly offers an array of countertop selections from a variety of suppliers. In most cases a laminate counter top would be considered the "value option" in most cases costing approximately 10% of the cabinetry purchase.  Granite or other solid surface options are generally much more expensive than the laminate options, often representing 50 - 65% of a cabinetry purchase.laminate.jpg

In addition to our standard post form laminate selection, Royal Wood Design is proud to offer:

- Marble, Granite, Staron, Ceasar Stone, Han Stone, Corian & Dupont
-Over 100 laminate colours

Please refer to the post form laminate or solid surface sections of our website for more information on each type of product.

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